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Giudici Laurent
photo Giudici Laurent
photo Giudici Laurent
photo Giudici Laurent

Giudici Laurent

Acheteur / Approvisionneur

J’apporte plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans le secteur des biens de consommation (FMCG) et plus de 8 ans dans l’industrie du luxe. Je développe des stratégies robustes (Gagnantes – Gagnantes) de la chaîne d’approvisionnement afin de maximiser un retour sur investissement et une rapidité de mise sur le marché en associant ma rigueur et mon esprit d’équipe.

Mon profil

Mes atouts et principales qualités
  • Analyse des demandes d’achats et élaboration du plan d’approvisionnement
  • Identification des fournisseurs, gestion des commandes
  • Planification des livraisons, identification des dérives et proposition d’actions correctives
  • Gestion des stocks, anticiper les ruptures et les surplus, effectuer les inventaires
  • Saisie des données dans un ERP
  • Contrôle des factures, gestion du budget
  • Participation à l’amélioration continue du processus de la stratégie globale
  • Rigoureux
  • Esprit d’équipe
  • Bonne humeur
Extraits de CV
  • 2019-2020 | Geneva Business News | Genève
  • 2016-2018 | Coty Inc. | Genève
    Gestionnaire des achats et de l’approvisionnement de matériel publicitaires sur les lieux de vente pour Dolce & Gabanna
  • 2000-2011 | Procter & Gamble | Genève
    Gestionnaire des achats et de l’approvisionnement du marketing direct pour Pampers
  • 1999-2000 | Procter & Gamble | Genève / Afrique du Nord
    Gestionnaire logistique globale des marques P&G en Afrique du Nord
  • 1997-1999 | Procter & Gamble | Genève | Planificateur / Approvisionneur pour les chips Pringles
  • 1994-1996 | Procter & Gamble | Genève / Afrique de l’Ouest
    Gestionnaire logistique globale des marques P&G en Afrique de l’Ouest


Mr. Giudici has proved to be comfortably able to carry out his various roles. He possessed in-depth knowledge, which enabled him to operate independently, always achieving the expected results overcoming unexpected problems on his own. He had a pleasant and friendly manner, polite and helpful; these qualities earned him the appreciation of his managers and colleagues. He always worked conscientiously and to our entire satisfaction.

Coty Inc.

Mr. Giudici’s performance was outstanding… he often exceeded the deliverables and we were exceedingly satisfied with his performance… He cultivated a collaborative style of leadership, and his consistent, performance- oriented approach regularly delivered excellent results. We came to know him as an exceptionally valuable employee who exhibited admirable devotion to his duties as well as commitment to the interests of the company, He supported and encouraged collaboration within the team and was highly adept at reconciling differing views. Thanks to his openness and listening skills, he enjoyed great relationship with colleagues, managers as well as external partners.

Procter & Gamble

I had the pleasure of being Laurent’s boss for 9 years…. I was very fortunate to have Laurent working for me… we never missed a delivery or had any type of issue….I was always very impressed with how he managed our suppliers – he seemed to find the right balance of collaboration, but being tough enough to drive ongoing savings and quality. I always found him a key partner and he’s also a very genuine and straightforward person. Most of all, I found that if you give him something to do, he’d just go and do it, so someone who always delivers.

Vice President, Global Pampers Upstream Innovation, August 2018

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